The CEO/Founder, Chuck Gardner, is a United States Navy Veteran of 8 years. Prior to separating Service, he had been coping with chronic and severe lower back pain, caused by long deployments, extended shifts and heavy lifting. Like many Veterans, he enrolled with the nearby VA Hospital to access and continue treatment for his aches.

As many know, the VA is a broken system. Not only did it take 6 weeks to be seen, but after the initial assessment they found it “easiest” to prescribe addictive opioids to mask injury. After a few weeks of taking the prescribed pain-killers, he could notice a physical change fostering in places other than the problematic areaS. Headaches, dizzy spells, vomiting - became a daily battle. It was at this point he knew he had to kick “Big Pharm” out of his life for good and realize a more holistic healing avenue. Cannabis had recently been made legal in the state of Ohio for medicinal purposes to those who qualified.

Mr. Gardner founded VT Vaporizers in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of 2018. His mission, to provide cannabis user’s an exceptional vaping experience full of flavor and more importantly, to maximize the medicinal benefits. VT Vaporizers, with the help of leading dispensaries, smoke shops and influencers alike, exploded to one of the State’s most popular and respected Vaporizer retailers.

As an advocate, he and his team are committed to providing top quality vaporizers to those in need, allowing for an alternative solution to the already booming opioid epidemic.

When you shop with VT Vaporizers, you can rest assured Chuck’s values and expectations of the products offered and customer service are nothing short of phenomenal.

Each and every customer.....each and every transaction...No matter how big or how small....Is treated with 100% commitment to excellence. When you shop with VT, you become apart of the Family. When you shop with VT, you become apart of the Story.