Cannabis portable dry herb and concentrate/extract vaporizers are nothing new, however they still aren't as main stream as alternative consumption methods. Many claim they plainly "don't work for them" while others have never tried them. We curated a list for those who are new to cannabis as well as the seasoned naysayers.  Here are our top 7 reasons you are doing yourself a serious disservice by not adding a vaporizer to your inventory.


Vaporizing dry herb is a far healthier way to consume vs. smoking (combustion). When using a vaporizer, the active ingredients are converted to warm air known as vapor. This vapor is LOADED with cannabinoids, terpenes and THC. Smoking can easily irritate the lungs and throat after longterm use. This is especially true for those with asthma or sensitive lungs. Combustion naturally gives off harmful byproducts which could become an issue down the road. Because vaporizers* do not combust, you inhale only the good ingredients and bypass those normally associated with alternative smoking methods.

*vaporizers - referring to convection vaporizers only, some conduction vaporizers still have the chance of combustion.


Much of the flavor you taste comes from the terpenoids (terpenes) found in the cannabis being consumed. Terpenes generally have a low combustion temperature meaning they will burn off much sooner. Many vaporizers are optimized or programmable to reach much lower temperatures in which the terpenes do not burn off resulting in the inhalation of a flavor-loaded session. Limonene, for example, produces a citrusy flavor for those who love fruit. The difference in taste between the vapor produced and smoking is night and day!


The high temperatures of smoking destroys many of the active ingredients such as cannabinoids, terpenes and THC, resulting in a less nuance effect of the material. Vaporizing allows you to truly experience different strains as they were intended. From flighty sativas to overwhelming and powerful indicas, vaping maximizes the effects from the selected strain. Since vaping is smoother, many claim they don't feel the effects. FAKE NEWS. Give it a few minutes after a draw, you will certainly feel the desired effects. Use caution after the first one or two hits, it may take a few minutes to conjure sensations.

"Vaping doesn't do anything for me." More FAKE NEWS. Some chronic smokers claim vaporizing doesn't yield the same level of relief. Vaping doesn't have the same effect than smoking which can throw a lot of smokers off the idea of vaporizers if that's what they are used to. Since you are inhaling full-spectrum extracted cannabis when vaping, you will feel the entire array of ingredients in the strain. When you take a massive hit from a bong, you are hit with an immediate and powerful cloudiness. Droopy eyelids and giggles is a very noticeable feeling users are familiar with. With vaping, the effects are much more cerebral and you won't notice the "stoniness" or couch-lock feeling commonly experienced when smoking, even with powerful indicas.  


You will be amazed at your cannabis bill! The lower operating temperatures can yield double to nearly quadruple the number of hits from a single session over traditional combustion methods. Less cannabis consumed to reach the desired effect means you save big at the dispensary. For States that are still only medicinally legal, Ohio for example, limits are placed on the amount that can be purchased and/or possessed. This can be stressful for many patients as they conjure plans to portion evenly across the assigned timeframe. Many patients find themselves denied sales at dispensaries because of the State's dosing procedures. Either way, an investment to saving a lot of $$$!


The fragrance given off when smoking via combustion methods is highly identifiable by anyone within 30 feet. Smell given off from vaping is just a fraction of that produced by smoking. Since convection vaporizers do not combust, zero smoke is produced. Smoke clings to clothes, walls and many other objects in the environment. Not vapor! Vapor DOES NOT cling to objects like the smoke produced from the combustion process. There will be a smell initially but can be fanned-out an open window in minutes. Afraid of smelling like marijuana while in public? Fear no more! Vapor smells don't stick to your clothes! Walk freely in public or around family and friends a few minutes after a session without worrying about smelling like Mary Jane!


"Who has the lighter?" Many of us have run into this dilemma before. Lost Lighter Syndrome (not a real thing) effects many across the Nation. One may even go as far as an epidemic classification. Portable vaporizers are an easy way to medicate wherever, whenever without the need for a lighter. The VTV Onyx™️ lasting upwards of 30 minutes operation time on a full charge. Negate the need for carrying, and more than likely losing, your lighter! The Onyx's compact shell makes it ultra-portable so when you need it, just pull it out and sesh!


Vaporizing is THE most efficient way to consume dry herb. The lower temperatures allows for up to 95% extraction of the active ingredients from the dry herb. Smoking, or combustion, (bowls, bongs, joints, blunts etc.) reaches temperatures much higher which actually "torches" or burns almost 90% of these ingredients. This means that it takes a smaller amount of cannabis (sometimes as small as 0.1 grams) to achieve the effectivity of a fully packed bowl, joint of blunt. You are also capable of enjoying more "hits" or sessions because of the lower temperatures.

These are our top 7 reasons you MUST try a vaporizer. The VTV Onyx™️ Dynamic Convection Vaporizer exemplifies all 7 on our list. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Onyx™️!

*This information is for educational purposes only. VT Vaporizers is not a licensed physician. Consult your doctor to see if medical marijuana is for you. The results vary person to person.*