VT Vaporizers was founded in January 2019 with the goal of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalized experiences for cannabis. We aim to move the space beyond stereotypes. Most of all, we want to be good stewards for a product and movement that enhances many people’s lives.

Our loose leaf and extract vaporizer products are made with high quality materials and offer empowering experiences for those looking for a premium and discreet way to consume cannabis and hemp flower.
Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, VT Vaporizers is a Veteran Owned & Operated Small Business devoted to providing an unmatched vaping experience.

Ohio MMCP Compliance: The VTV Onyx™ is designed and engineered for compliance in the Buckeye State. The strict regulations and requirements in Ohio make it extremely difficult to legally consume cannabis. It is our mission to provide Ohio MMJ patients with an exceptional and LEGAL method to medicate. Although the Onyx was crafted for Ohio compliance, the Onyx IS legal in many other States, for both medical and recreational use!